Good New YEAR and New AGE News!

January 1, 2018

Jesus is NOT coming! At least not in the capacity most commonly expected. “Christ’ IS coming, however, and indeed is already among us, since July 8, 1977.

“Christ” is a station, a position of spiritual hierarchy and divinity, of which the human ‘Jesus’ lovingly agreed to accept in the Age of Pisces. Born a Divine and raised preparedly, at His baptism by John He stepped forward for the sake of all humanity, overshadowed by the consciousness of the true Christ, Maitreya, for three years from the Baptism to the Crucifixion.

Every era brings with it a divine spirit to help us on the path of evolution . . . world teachers such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and many more. Today, Jesus, along with many of His disciples, now known as ‘Masters’ within the spiritual hierarchy, are – and have been – living incarnated among us even now, always for the assistance of humanity’s evolution.

The ‘Christ,’ whose name, like ‘Jesus,’ is ‘Maitreya’ and called the ‘World Teacher,’ has made His presence known since 1977. He has been expected for generations by all of the major religions: Christians know him as the Christ and expect His imminent return; Jews await him as the Messiah; Hindus look for the coming of Krishna; Buddhists expect him as Maitreya Buddha; and Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi or Messiah. His purpose for personally attending this Age is to:

  • Make known the FACT of God;
  • Bring healing and healing waters;
  • Renewed encouragement;
  • Make known the changes necessary for mankind to the betterment of the planet and its peoples;
  • To teach the ‘art of self-realization’: honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit, and detachment is the ‘art of self-realization.’

He has NOT come to judge, bestow rewards, or punishment – these are all perpetually self-inflicted as per God’s Principles never-ending! He has come to show us the way to peace through CARING and SHARING – the only way to a united planet.

His presence alone emits energies that raise awareness in those in authority and positions to be able to bring them about… NOT by manipulative force but man’s Free Will. Humanity recognizes this desperate need and on the Day of Declaration will be infused anew with hope, enthusiasm, determination, courage, and the WILL to each do their part!

This new Age of Aquarius will bring about a higher and more delightful way of living as never before experienced by this planet – just as each previous Age has bestowed betterment for the next. (This, my friend, is ‘evolution’!)

The major television and radio stations have been prepared and on standby, since His arrival, awaiting the most auspicious time to the announcement of the Christ’s presence. It will only happen at the proper time as the Christ Maitreya – the World Teacher – determines and impresses the advancement order to them.

Then, every soul on the planet, over the age of 14 – with or without a television or radio – will hear His Words for about 30 minutes or so, and be filled with such a profound love as to know only the Christ could do so!

After which, approximately 1/3 will still fall back into their destructive, disbelieving behaviors, whilst the remaining 2/3 will press on and succeed. It will be a steadily progressive change over the remainder of this Age’s 2,500 years, of which the World Teacher Maitreya and the Masters visible and proactive presence will perpetually provide the needed energies and aspirations to actions.

I tell you all this to prepare you for that ‘Day of Declaration’ – that moment arriving for the announcement of the World Teacher’s presence. It will just suddenly come through to us via television, radio, and telepathically and brings no sense of fear or chaos in the world; ALL IS AT PEACE during these moments – for He is the Christ and able to do so.

Read more on His beautiful and exciting Plan for us; politically, economically, spiritually, physically, socially and in all Kingdoms:  Maitreya’s Mission – Volume Three on Amazon and in individual ‘Articles by the Master’ on Share International.

Live hopefully and harmlessly in 2018 . . . and SERVE, to the best of your ability, shining with such light as you have.

Shalom, blessings, and great love to you all.

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