“Quality of thinking must be realized as healing. Gratitude is likewise the finest purifier of the organism. He who has found the seed and realized the care of the Sender can project gratitude into space. Great is the healing power of the emission of gratitude. One must transform everything abstract into reality.” ……………………………………………………………………………….Agni Yoga #31


If the time ever comes to lay me at rest
there’ll be one thing most said, more than just a platitude
All will agree, from day of birth to the end
my most obvious trait was . . . an attitude of gratitude.

Taught as a child to always say ‘thank you’
when gifted, complimented, or give just a sweet smile
I learned the rewards of this practiced kindness
and how it always seemed to take me that ‘extra mile.’

But when Christ touched my heart, took my hand, set me free
my thankfulness was changed, given wings, infilled me
It encompassed my soul through the longitude and the latitude
and gave me sincerely and deeply a new attitude of gratitude.

As time has passed, in God, my spirit growing ever true within
and for the explicit purpose of ensuring I would spend eternity with Him
I’m made keenly aware the ‘refiners fires’ are all part of each beatitude
So I can eagerly embrace my trials, now . . . in a sweet attitude of gratitude.


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