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From the Desk of Vivika-Qi . . .

Divorce, Abuse, Etc – “The place where we are is the place from which our journey begins, and not the place from which we escape. If we cannot make good as disciples where we are, and in the place where we discover ourselves, no other opportunity will be offered us until we do. Here lies our test, and here lies our field of service.

A test is something which tries our strength to see of what sort it is; it calls forth the utmost that is in us, and reveals to us where we are weak and where we fail. The need today is for dependable disciples and for those who have been so tested that they will not break or crack when difficulties come and dark places in life are encountered. We have, if we could but realize it, exactly those circumstances and that environment in which this lesson of obedience to the highest which is in us can be learnt.

Christ lived quietly in His home with His parents, undergoing that most difficult experience of home life, with its monotony, with its unvarying usualness, with its needed subordination to the group will and need, with its lessons of sacrifice, of understanding and of service. This is ever the first lesson which every disciple must learn. Until he has learnt it, he can make no further progress.

Until divinity has been expressed in the home, and among those who know us well and are our familiar friends, it cannot be expected to express itself elsewhere. We must live as sons of God in the setting —uninteresting, drab and sometimes sordid — in which destiny places us; there is nowhere else at this stage (of humanity’s evolution) in which that is possible.

Born into the world of love at Bethlehem, the keynote of our lives from then on must be obedience to the highest that is in us, love to all beings, and complete confidence in the power of the indwelling Christ to demonstrate (through the outer form of our personalities) the life of love.

The life of Christ is a life to be lived today, eventually by all. It is a life of joy and happiness, of test and of problems, but its essence is love and its method is love. It leaves us an example that we should follow His steps, and carry on the work which He initiated.”  A. Bailey

(And on goes the merry-go-round of same ol’ issues and lifetimes and until we do get it right!)

Baby steps, dear ones, and one ‘issue’ at a time, if we must, for progress is never lost and the issue then never repeated = eternal JOY and unhampered liberty! Such are the infallible PRINCIPLES of God, able to eliminate the undesirable traits of the common unevolved man, exposing the character of Christ each in our own time. REST in their dependability.

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From the Desk of Vivika-Qi . . .

Mother Earth’s ‘Twitter’ – Her ‘twittered’ response to our perpetual errant actions is becoming more and more recognizable. Climate change and global warming are the direct result of the generational compilation of adverse energies from such inconsiderate practices as pollution, disrespect for each other, greediness, corruption, and verbal and sound abuse. This list is as partial as an ice chip on an iceberg, but it helps set the big picture in place. Don’t think of it in the abstract or as a corporate problem – it begins with you, the individual . . . and now.

All human beings live and move and express themselves in and through that same world of ever-moving, ever-impacting, outgoing and incoming energies, moving in a whirlpool of forces of all types and qualities. Man is composed of energies in every part of his manifested and unmanifested expression; he is, therefore, related to all other energies, and is subject to the resulting evidence of their individual qualities of thoughts and actions.*1

Though the evidence of our latest devastation is nearly invisible, now, I had earlier explored the beautiful streets along the Pontchartrain, hoping the beauty of the magnificent houses and their picturesque lawns had weathered our latest hurricane well, it was indeed a startle to see the devastation, though minimal, I was told, to Katrina in 2005. Homeowners all around the area were diverse in their responses about the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac, yet all with whom I spoke said with devout affirmation they would stay and reconstruct: ‘it’s our home; it’s life as we accept it by choosing to stay.’ Looking around again at the strained faces for the strained labor ahead of them and – indubitably – the strained pocket book, it struck a familiar chord with me. Having participated in a counseling program for battered woman many years ago, the similarity of thinking and response was striking. As I remembered back before the storm, at the jovial scenes along the lake street: groups of friends and families playing games on their beautifully groomed yards or enjoying a sweet tea and conversation under the fans on their huge verandas overlooking the beauty of the lake; the corner pub filled with neighbors and visitors in the easy camaraderie of shared exaggerated stories, beer, and pool games; proud restaurateurs greeting loyal patrons; and music always coming from somewhere, it screamed clearly of ‘Battered Home-Owners Syndrome!’ Just as the recurring theme from the battered women who would return time and again to their abusive situation, so it seemed the same for these homeowners:  ‘Because when it’s good, it’s SO good!’ And then get caught up in the repairs, blinders on to the next inevitable episode.

Folks, it’s time to stop thinking the Universe is EARTH . . . it’s not ‘all about us.’ In the study of energies*2 and that of the *3 Hierarchy who watch over us from the ‘other side of the blue,’ it has been prophesied a decade of unusually powerful and repetitious storms afflicting chaos on every coastline. And so it has begun – Mother Earth’s ‘twitter’ of rage.

But it is not just the climates being impacted. At the changing of the guard from one Age to another, there concludes the outgoing Age with a cataclysmic event. With the Pisces Age now acquiescing to the Aquarian Age, they have overlapped during the transition these past 75 years. As the overlapping dissolves and the Pisces Age exits, mankind will – yikes, IS – entering that cataclysmic portion which is the result of compiled negative energies permeating the cosmos until mankind intervenes to cancel or lessen its impending effect. This can be done only by choosing to live rightly in relationships – individual and corporate – through sharing, caring, and living harmlessly with mankind AND earth . . . or not.

There is also, with each new Age, a *4 World Teacher from the Hierarchy to help usher humanity through this transition. It is written this Teacher will reveal Himself to all on a ‘Day of Declaration’ after the impending stock market crash, leading to international financial chaos and mass panic in the streets for all the needs not being met. Ponder on the reality of this, which we already dangerously border.  It is always darkest before the light and in this setting, His Light will reach every soul and every word will be known as Truth. You recognized the truth in the first part of this article; scoff not at this prophecy, but consider you have two reactional choices to this new knowledge:

  1. Its possibility: move forward this moment on living harmlessly and practicing right relationships. Sincere effort counts in canceling not only humanity’s corporate, but your own individual cache of negative energy deposits;
  2. Brush it off as ‘just another crazy theory,’ going about life as before. When the Day of The Teacher’s revelations come to all, you will know the Truth as you hear it and again will have two choices: obey – or not, reaping the resultant consequences.

Dear friends, what we’ve experienced through Katrina and Isaac is as nothing.  Isaac’s unpredictability was just a taste of what’s to come. Heavier and higher levies, houses on taller stilts and brick walls all trying to change the boundaries which God Himself set for the waters and the winds will be to no avail. Your only recourse to avoid or lessen your losses is to learn to live harmlessly and with a constant attitude of gratitude; for gratitude is the greatest healer.

God’s *5Principles are set in place for all, not just those considering themselves righteous, or church goers, or those of goodwill; like the Principle of Gravity, all are affected. Live in the Principle of Harmlessness or out of the Principle and reap the results accordingly. Living in the Principle will alleviate much of the anger of Mother Earth, who is very near the desire to just shrug us off completely. (Read much more in the FREE book ‘Mother Earth’s Twitter’ by Car Ingman, on

You know deep down the truth or great probability of these words. Now, what will you do about it?

Note: Understand the ruling energies affecting our planet, our bodies, and our lives:   *1 ‘Ponder’ at, *2 Power vs. Force, by Dr. David Hawkins; understand the*3 Hierarchy, *4 The Teacher, *5 the Principles: and share-

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By Vivika-Qi, Spirit Wine Publications™ at     © 10/16/12)

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From the Desk of Vivika-Qi . . .

‘PODVIG’As described by Helena Roerich, in
Letters of Helena Roerich, vol 1:

The word “podvig” * is so beautiful! It has in itself the idea of self-perfecting and self-denial, the result of which is the advance of consciousness, not only personal but of the whole country. Verily, now is the time to call for podvig. All countries, the whole world, is involved in a dreadful struggle, and only the spiritually strong will conquer. We should not deceive ourselves that everything somehow will be settled. No, each country must realize that it can survive only if its best representatives understand that the struggle with ignorance and the forces of destruction is not to be deferred. All countries are being tested. Will many pass? The map of the future is already formed in the Subtle Worlds, but much can yet be eased.

When the images of great historic figures reach us from remote antiquity they are somehow assimilated in consciousness more easily. Even if they are veiled in myths and legends, they are very convincing. With the passage of time, everything seems possible. Writers and artists of all ages dedicate their best inspirations to these distant images. Whole generations are inspired by these heroes and heroines. No one envies them, and no one ponders at what cost the achievements were performed. What is preserved is purely the record of glorious human ascent.

And so, be inspired! Write fiery articles in defense of the culture of spirit; praise heroism and podvig. As it is said in the Teaching, “Where the idea of heroism is considered ridiculous, or even indecent, there is real decay. By this sign, one can judge the decrepitude of nations. The last words of the Greatest Spirit to his Brothers when He was leaving the Earth was: ‘Create heroes!'” The time has come when we all must be heroic and must create heroes.

*  The word “podvig” is untranslatable from the Russian. It means a great or heroic deed plus spiritual achievement.

By Vivika-Qi, Spirit Wine Publications™ at     © 11/26/15)


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