‘We are not alone.’
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“Everywhere I go, people ask me, ‘Do aliens exist?’ It’s a good question because it cuts to the heart of where we see our place in the universe. ARE we alone on our smooth, round, blue ball? I think probably not, because of one fact: the universe is big . . . REALLY big. Our planet is just one of eight in orbit around our sun, which itself is hardly special, being one of about two hundred billion stars in a vast spiral.  Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is so big that some days I find it hard to comprehend. But even the Milky Way is just a tiny drop in the cosmic ocean . . . just one of one hundred billion galaxies, formed into an enormous web, stretching away in all directions.  At this scale, each point of light is an entire galaxy, which not only puts our tiny little world in perspective, but also makes it very difficult to believe we really are alone.  So, to my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational.”  Stephen Hawking, Physicist and Cosmologist, Into the Universe, Discovery Channel, Season 1, Episode 1 – Aliens.

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There are many in the world, claiming to know about ‘UFO’s’ and the stories vary in the bizarre. Many are well-meaning, while many are simply of the creative imagination (if it can be called that), some are speculation, and much is ‘scientific.’ Yet, all have forgotten to incorporate in their explorations the Divine Principle – God the Creator of all – and His Promises. We are of a ‘sound mind’ and not given the ‘spirit of fear.’

We are given every opportunity to grow in knowledge of Him and all His Provisions in the process of perfecting our souls on Earth. In just the little bit of the Holy Bible that has been left, after eons of ‘editing,’ how can one not recognize the Might of such a God; how can we be so pompous as to think we are alone in this vast and eternal universe amidst universes. If you can imagine ‘scary aliens,’ then it stands you DO believe in extraterrestrial life; so then, with a God so Mighty in Love, how can we even consider He would make anything ‘alien’ other than higher beings, of higher thinking, higher values, a ‘being’ for our assistance, not harm.

(NOTE, as of 1/11/11:  Now, however, through meditation I have come to believe that each planet serves a specific purpose, such as that of Earth, set aside for those souls still of karmic requirement to ‘work out our own salvation’; and, possibly, that of Saturn, serving its purpose as a parking space for those souls who would choose not to cooperate with the rules of incarnation and its Divine Purpose. What happens to them following that point, and the purposes of the other planets, I have not yet learned. But I believe it deeply, for I am far past mankind’s generally accepted attitude of superiority – through assumed solar-solitary habitation – of our planet. )

It is well known scientifically of the different levels of energies and vibrations pervading every atom of existence, interior and exterior; with a God so Mighty, how can anyone doubt less than the possibility of lives on different levels of such forces? The visual and scientific evidence has been brought to our attention over the centuries; truths that have been occult (hidden) all this time, except to those who would dare to believe in a God BIGGER than to be limited to one tiny planet and one group of people flailing in ignorance as He looks on and waits for each of us to take freely of what He has always made available.

“The ignorant skeptic asks, “Why make assumptions about some sort of higher worlds? I have never heard of anything of that kind.”  It is fitting to answer, “Certain kinds of animals do not know about the higher worlds, nevertheless people have seen and felt the higher contacts a great number of times and can speak about their reality. If someone has never once felt the approach of the invisible world, it means that one’s nerve centers have become atrophied.”  This is the fitting answer to ignorant skepticism.
What kind of prayer is possible in the mouth of a denier?  It is impossible even to speak about prayer in the presence of ignorance. The fruit of humiliating attempts will be very bitter. The sensitiveness of the developed consciousness will whisper when it is impossible to refer to the higher worlds.”   
Aum  1936   Signs of Agni Yoga (#77)

Selah. Get quiet before God and prepare yourself before reading the following on the TRUTHS of ‘UFO’s’ – its acronym abused by the ignorant and fearful. Be of the highest integrity, not ignoring the Holy Spirit nudges and not fabricating in your mind your own theories or stories or any of that which our race has enjoyed for the drama of it . . . for what good will that do in the perfecting of your soul?    Since God is Omnipresent, we are each One with Him and each have access to His Omniscience – Superior Knowledge – then we each have these Truths within us. . . buried deeply, for the majority. Now, ask for divine guidance and listen to your spirit as your soul leaps at its recognition of these Truths:

TRUTH about UFO’s and MORE

FAQ’s about UFO’s

(My own story coming soon) Vivika-Qi  6/28/10
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My Own Experience, as told in an email to a trusted friend:

“Now, (Friend), I have something to tell you of great importance. I am trusting you know me well enough by now that I do not fabricate or embellish (well, not much, for I am a writer, remember) or imagine things. (For what good would that do my soul!?) It’s okay if you have reservations about it, I share that with you, you can be sure! Well, I really need to start at the beginning . . . well, maybe I should just go ahead and tell you and THEN give you the initial details. (I am really not sure how to go about explaining this, so be patient with me . . . although writing does work better for me.)

Night before last, June 26th, 2010, at approx. 8:55pm, I saw my spaceship – as in ‘Orphan Alien©’ (see chapter portion of my book below).  I was driving peacefully home from (family), on a long straight stretch of country road, my thoughts on what I would start with in ‘catching up’ on the work I had been distracted from, when there it was in the sky ahead of me at the end of the road, so it seemed if I just kept going I would drive right on board. The sky had big beautiful dark gray fluffy storm clouds intermittent with clearing; not so dark, but twilight, I’d say. The ship was perfectly white, perfectly formed, 3-dimensional, no windows or lights, just absolute perfection in the shape. (I’ll tell you why in a minute.) I don’t know how long I looked at it – while my startled brain was returning to earth – before I realized what was happening. I was so stunned for what seemed like hours while it registered and I confirmed the reality of it. Then I jerked to the side of the road, almost going into a ditch, and pulled my phone out to take a picture as quickly as possible. All that couldn’t have taken more than a few seconds, but by the time I looked up again, as the camera was setting up, I watched it pull a big black cloud up to cloak it. (No, I did not get the impression it moved behind the cloud, but stayed still and masked itself. There’s the difference.) I only caught the edges of the white behind the top of the black cloud. But as I watched in such great dismay, ‘oh maybe it would be kind enough to show itself to me again,’ I did see a flash of prism, such as that not of through rain, but off metal. I did get that picture and a couple of others that seemed to be portions of the ship. I will have to take them to a place to develop and hopefully my little camera will have done me justice.

Now, let me describe what I felt . . . very interesting. I was in a full state of incredulity, for several reasons:
1) I recognized it as MY ship from my time on ‘Sraw’ – as in my childhood account in ‘Orphan Alien©’ (see story below) – and had been waiting all these years to see it again (yes, even as a rational adult; I never gave up).
2) My heart was racing (and now does, to remember) at the sight and I briefly marveled that I must be the only one seeing it on that road, for I was the only one looking and stopped. I was filled with immense gratitude and awe; sobs that wouldn’t come; screams that wouldn’t scream; unparalleled excitement that could not burst forth. I’m really not sure I even breathed through all this. For twenty minutes I waited, camera ready, BEGGING its return, and finally had to accept that it was for the moment in time that I needed it . . . for this three-fold confirmation:
a. of my sanity (that HELPED?!), as I had entered that arena a couple of times in the process of organizing the ‘Orphan Alien®’ portion of my book into a series of goodwill books for children;
b. of the design of the ship I’d remembered, burned into my mind and heart. I had been searching the internet for the exact design to use in my children’s books and none of them – at least a hundred – fit the bill (enter a smidgeon of doubt here; had it been a wonderful dream? Always that immediately disappeared, for I just ‘KNEW.’)
c. of my own reservations toward Benjamin Crème’s revelation of the truth about the STARS we have been seeing. I recognized it as being part of the residue of my earthly personality, while deeply knowing the truth of what he said; I just had never had the experience of bringing a lifetime of my inner knowings – and to be confirmed by others, omigosh! – to the forefront of my mind, a practice I’d set aside decades ago, for ‘social preservation’ sake.
3) As I pulled myself and ready camera down from the moonroof of my car, so, too, did my spirit plunge downward and overwhelming disappointment (that I hadn’t been allowed to go with them), homesickness (it brought it all back so freshly, again), and depression (how much longer must I endure?) enveloped me. By the time I got home, though, the above revelations had replaced the depression, renewed my sense of ‘assignment,’ confirmed my path, and revitalized my sense of urgency.

(Friend), the whole experience changed me, from that of making the effort to produce and serve, to that of it all being autonomic, now; as though there would be nothing that could keep me from it – not of a fight for it, but more like ‘it is written,’ perhaps. It has changed how I view people and circumstances and daily details . . . every thing is changed. Every moment is in excited anticipation of what’s ‘soon to come.’ I make all my decisions and plans now, from that ‘knowing’ perspective, without thought of it.

AND YET . . . my present bane is: How can I KNOW so surely and yet still entertain doubts on occasion? How do I learn to live with the confirmation and reality of it all, after generations and eons of ignorance? As I have had to do in the past, I meditate to ‘settle it’ in my mind and train myself to quickly get past that which would try to drag me back into that doubt arena, distracting from more vital work. To that goal, I need your prayers.

I had lunch with a friend, yesterday, who cares for an elderly Alzheimer’s patient, whom had joined us. She usually just sits and stares at me, like she’s counting my freckles, the whole time we’re together. This time, when I asked my friend if she believed in UFO’s and life on other planets, the curved little lady sat straight up and leaned forward, looking into my eyes, and was so anxious to respond to me all she could do was stutter. Her eyes held that look of ‘Oh, PLEASE, understand what I’m trying to say!’ and she got the words out ‘YES!’ and ‘. . . they expose . . .’ and she stayed in that position, not missing a word we said about it, as we discussed the possibilities. She nodded when I asked her if she had ever seen one, and tried to tell me the circumstance, but couldn’t get it out. I assured her I understood and she smiled and calmed down and went back into her other world. It was very interesting.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(NOTE today 1/1/12:  Exactly a year after my last ‘note’ above, I have to report that my understanding of the immensity of just our own universe – one out of billions – is such as to overwhelm me and yet so miniscule in scale it appears ever incomprehensible.  I stop here at the description, knowing any attempt of explanation at what has been ‘shown’ me would indubitably portray me as a dithering idiot.  I challenge each reader to contemplate the cosmos and to develop a worthy description of which they would be content.  Vivika-Qi)

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(A childhood experience; parts are deleted throughout, for privacy sake; ‘MORE’ coming soon in my book, with more testimony of such experiences throughout my life; copyright laws on website below, apply):

“She was an adorable little girl.  Let me tell you about her.  She had golden-red hair, freckles, a quick smile, and an easy laugh.  Her heart was of pure gold and knew nothing but honesty and love.  Her favorite pastime was wandering in the woods and she fancied herself as the real ‘Annie Oakley.’   She decided that when she grew up she would just be a bigger girl wandering in the woods…with the wolves and the birds and the raccoons and…and…nothing would go bump in the night.  Ah, but then she would return home and she became…sad…and confused.

Let’s call her Sara.  It was one of the names she loved to imagine herself as…the one name of many in her lifetime that she would always come back to.  At home, Sara was always on guard and a sense of fear rode with her. . . for things were not well with the earthly family.

So she absorbed herself into other means of love and escape. At first, she lost herself in the books, learning to read at a very early age.  It passed the time . . .   And she learned to imagine, only to later discover that it was the unique ability to out-of-body travel.  But she thought everybody did that, so she didn’t think too much about it and had only discussed it with her big brother who only teased her about it. 

One time, while locked in her room for punishment and sending herself into the woods mentally, she watched the birds and squirrels romping around her favorite area in the woods. As she watched, a herd of elk came through, breaking a large branch of her special huckleberry bush.  When she was freed from the ‘lockup,’ she told her brother about it and they went right away to see if it had truly happened.  Sure enough!  There was the freshly broken branch and other signs of the elk she had told him about.  So her experiences in her out-of-body travels were many, in her attempt to maintain her freedom and sanity when she was trapped or locked away.  It was a gift she would fall back on, subconsciously, through the years. If all this was real then what was to say that her ‘other world’ wasn’t?

She could smell and feel the steel, shiny and smooth, beneath her fingertips.  The feeling was a drastic change for her.  This time, she felt the urge to squeal with delight, and it remained bubbling inside putting a permanent twinkle in her eyes and a bigger-than-a-chessie-cats-grin on her face. She was alone on the ship, this ship that was hers and hers alone, finally!  She had grown up in the academy and worked very hard to get to this day, making progress only on her occasional returns from planet Earth.  The ceremony had ended in great celebration, for it was rare, indeed, for one of her age to have achieved so much.  Now she was alone to scrutinize all the details of her own ship and to program her palm’s aura into the master computer, allowing her, and her alone, to be able to pilot. Her beautiful, new Interplanetary Solar Ship (ISS) would remain docked at the main headquarters until she could find a full crew and then proceed on with orders from their commander. She longed to be on full-time duty, but she had to be satisfied with on-call, since her mission on Earth was not yet finished.

Now she finally understood why she’d had such a rough time on earth.  It had been her mission to become as an earthling and she’d had a pretty tough time learning!  But, each time she returned home to Sraw, they understood her desires and reassured her that she was right on track and not to get frustrated because she would soon understand and reap her rewards, returning home for good. Encouraged, she always returned to her earthly home with patience for another try… and another…and another, while still returning to the higher academy on occasion for the necessary shot-in-the-arm . . . EVERYONE was family…and the ties ran very deep.

The ‘Director’ was a man, dressed like everyone else and with duties that kept him away for extended periods of time.  Always on his return to the academy, he sought Sara out as his favored student.  When they would catch sight of each other, the love went deep and both knew it.  They would stand facing each other merely inches apart, arms at their sides, and palms facing.  The flow of love was so intense that their bodies glowed a golden aura as every atom was renewed in love.  There was no physical contact and it was not an orgasmic effect, such as was expected from earthlings.  This was simply a fulfilling of all needs.  Sara had come to learn from her time on Sraw that with this time and renewing with the Director, all her needs were met.  There seemed to be no other needs or inconveniences.  It was that completeness that made the lack in her life on Earth so nearly unbearable.

Sara would be comforted most of her life by the peace brought by her visits to Sraw.  It kept her from drugs and alcohol and other damaging behaviors to the body, but not from the emptiness, confusion, and loneliness that riddled her path along the way to peace of mind on Earth.  She was not allowed to have total memory of Sraw while on Earth and contact was made only during moments of great sleep, deep loneliness, and sometimes fears.  The glimpses of that peace she knew came from ‘somewhere’ was what kept her from going totally insane. In between the brief glimpses of peace, her silent screams continued . . . imploring the same plea, over and over: ‘Will I ever find total peace, on a daily basis, on a secure basis, without fear of losing that peace any second?  Is there rescue from such torment?  Will I ever feel truly loved?  When, PLEASE, when will it end!!?’ “

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