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Spiritual Haiku
by Vivika-Qi.
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 “Whoever is not kind to every form of life–to man, to beast, to bird
and creeping thing–cannot expect the blessings of the Holy One;
for as we give, so God will give to us.” Ch. 74:24 AG
Listen, sweet soul, as you cry and agonize
on why tribulation is happening to you
Indeed, time has come for you to realize
there’s a genuine reason for all you do.

The Law of Cause and Effect, long set aside
is now open to your beckon and bid
You’ve now the responsibility to the end abide
and to put into practice ageless wisdom, long hid.

Step up to the plate, in confidence pay due
for now that you know, it can quickly be past
Harm done before – lo, in ignorance – costs you
but you’ll quickly see your trials won’t last.

So open your soul, your eyes, your heart
commit to live life to serve, do no harm
Daily homage to God, in sincerity, is your part
through caring and goodwill, employ a long arm.

Set up for yourself – ah, firstly for others – today
what delights that would fill all tomorrow
Tolerate no slack, your diligence will pay
and result in eternity absent of sorrow.

                          * * *
Omniscient God, restore our ability
to know those things we today ‘set up’
will expedite our souls prosperity.

Vivika-Qi  © 3-18-10
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~ The Lady, The Witness ~
If she would ever choose to speak,
we’d find she saw it all take place
She saw it coming but couldn’t warn
though clearly it mirrored upon her face.
Her ‘normal’ day saw glitter and glamor
and stolen moments to admire the sky
before copious people, noise, and ado
required of her to hold her torch high.
But one day was special, one she’d never forget
the day the Twin Towers came down
No one had noticed that sweet chiseled face
the smile replaced with a tear and a frown.
A silent observer, her head held high
there wasn’t much she’d missed
A witness of such adverse acts
this one took its place at the top of her list.
Somehow she knew all humanity was wounded
in this vile act that made onlookers cry
Her response was to maintain the posture all hers,
to bravely and always hold her head and torch high.
LadyJaye (Vivika-Qi)
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The Comfort Tree has many colors
And spreads its branches wide
It sways and whispers in the wind
To run to it and hide.
The tearful and the brokenhearted
Need a comfort place
And quickly come to kneel down
And hide their saddened face.
And as they cry and pour out their soul
The comfort trickles down
In many ‘colors’ thoughts of joy
Erases their mournful frown.
“No accident your soul was drawn
For peace, and found me here
For God abides in everything,
Even the Comfort Tree, my dear.”
It’s long been told about the Tree
And the Cross it does represent
So sit and absorb the comfort that’s yours
Bought by His Body spent.
The space ‘neath these branches are meant for all
Not meant just for you or for me
But each kingdom can come, find peace, restore joy
For there’s always room ‘neath the Comfort Tree.
© 2/11/11
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“. . . relations between the worlds will have developed sufficiently for the reality of the astral world to be recognized, and then the very existence of Earth will come into question. Either it will become a beautiful garden of achievements or it will fall into the abyss of decay, when our most worthy spirits will then be sent to populate other planets.” Agni Yoga #116

We have so long taken for granted
the continuity of this earth we call home
So tunnel-visioned in our separate lives
its spatial mysteries are not all yet known.

The surrounding expanse which keeps it aloft
and makes room for the others, both far and near
That ‘outer space’ which embraces this planet
the sun, moon, and stars, and all we hold dear.

Just where does it end, what else can be found
within that deep vortex of blackness and time
Does it end, is it measured, is it all in a box
Is it peace, joy, and ease, is it life with no crime?

His Omnipresence includes all the atoms of space
It is simply the presence of God, called the Bliss
Not limited to Earth and a self-selected few
but all that is, was, will be is enveloped in its Abyss.

* * *
This human emotion cannot be explained
‘Magnificent’ is the least worthy word
Up, out, and beyond the vastness we know
Beyond anything anyone’s ever heard.

© 10/03/2010

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by Helena Blavatsky
Before the soul can see,

the harmony within must be attained,
and fleshly eyes be rendered blind
to all illusion.

Before the soul can hear,
the image (Man)
has to become as deaf
to roarings as to whispers,
to cries of bellowing elephants
as to the silvery buzzing
of the golden firefly.

Before the soul can comprehend
and may remember,
she must unto the silent speaker
be united,
just as the form
to which the clay is modeled
is first united
with the potter’s mind.

For then the soul will hear,
and will remember.
And then to the inner ear will speak
the voice of silence.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

‘Beyond your human sight your child
has another work to do, and will do it
well, and then pass on to other tasks
and, by and by, your sweet baby will
attain the crown of perfect life.’
Ch. 54:8 AG


Sweet mom and dad, you think you called me into being
to bless your lives with giggles and squeals
Indeed it is so, the first part of our time
but then comes the part that my own pathway seals.

I left this world before, in only a state of partial awareness
and shone with watts much too low to honor the God-Light
My time spent between that day and this my new birth
was to learn that more wattage would give my soul flight.

So as I embark upon this new path that would raise my soul
and give it flight back to the Presence of Bliss
teach me goodwill, brotherhood, and compassion
Teach me ever to greet my trials with a kiss.

For it is through each tribulation and walk through the fire
that perfects what is needed to round out my soul
No accident you were chosen to nurture my youth
and together liaison to Christ-like become whole.

As I step upon the path early, of individualism
and give you concern that I do not things your way
Keep me on the path to safety but allow my soul
to work out its salvation, as the Lord’s Word does say.

For not only my soul is at stake in the race
but yours also will have the opportunities to enhance
Each of us separately working out what’s required
yet all of us together connected in this life’s dance.

So let’s strive to enjoy the real purpose of my being
for our goals truly are much the same
Let’s strive to remember that though our paths may slight differ
to learn to LOVE each other wisely is why your sweet baby came.

* * *
Precious Father God, though we abide on earth
we have not left Your Presence of Bliss
Restore to us each the awareness, clear sight
to embrace the knowledge and truth of this.

© 3-22-10

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“He preached a gospel of the higher life, and taught man how to honour man.” Ch. 11:3 AG


So many years she spent embraced in the loving safe arms of her Lord
Day after day, night after night, peace and vexation no longer warred.

Her work on earth, ’round the world, in daytime
brought great joy but compared not to night’s work sublime.

Her head on His Bosom, snuggled in for the eve
her exhausted earthly body gives her sweet spirit leave.

Much to do in the heavens and still so much to learn
Then return to day’s work, always for eve’s work she’d yearn.

Few among earth’s dwellers, few within all mankind
are aware of such efforts, the Great Deceit making blind.

So she’d join those few others to aid the Team while men sleep
She’d fight, learn, and teach how to help God in their soul’s keep.

Someday she would rest eternally in inexpressible bliss
and for ‘a job well done’ receive the Lord’s sweetest kiss.

Sliding smoothly from this planet into her night’s work as before
into divine full-time service, as though just walking out the door.

Her next lifetime will begin where left off this sweet soul
Round and round and again, ‘til her soul’s perfectly whole.

                                   * * *
Father so Dear, how wonderful to know
my soul can assist in this earthly repair
To shine in the day, work night’s without show
will enhance mankind’s will to lovingly care.

© 3-16-10

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Through painful birth and adolescence
a merry-go-round of chaos and pain
Over and over again they propel
I’ve come to accept, amidst the strain . . .
~ life is written in stone ~
Now fifty years of time has passed
that ‘stone’ has long been gone
Not one thing had remained the same
I’ve come to know, with all that’s done . . .
~ life unfolds in chapters ~
Now eighty years has come and gone
the ‘end’ speeds ever nearer
Through ups and downs, tears and smiles
I’ve finally found a Truth forever dearer . . .
~ life is soul perfection ~
                         * * *
“’LIFE’ is immortal until our job is done.’ I shall return.”
Vivika-Qi  © 2/29/12
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
~ Love Me, God ~
Love  me, God, though truly I know you already do
but make it full known as my soul desperately aches in the blue
Assailers bombard my labored walk purely and simply for You
and surround my sweet space with their words gross and untrue.
Detached I may be, not as disassociated, but free
from letting it turn me into what I will no longer be
How long will it take for those loved ones to see
the deeds they impale return just to them, not to me?
Their vile acts hurt not only themselves, but their sweet little innocents
In attempts to control, they forge their futures in lowly grave ignorance
So love me, God, as I strive to lift up those out of their own-made nonsense
Help me love them as You do, help me to serve, my heart quickly unfence.
Your beloved Law of Cause and Effect and Your Principle of Love
are meant for all on earth and in the flesh, not just who hopes in the above
When choice is made to follow true, Your Principles verily fit like a glove
Ahh, I remember now, the great resolve each time the push comes to shove.
© 5/23/12
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 Containest me not, this earthly body
for all Thy love and light does infill
Merely the glimpses of Thee overwhelm
and invade, dispel, the pettiness of my will.
Can there be such beauty, such light, such love
as to reckon my soul with Your own
Yet, if Thee shows me the fullness of it all
I must leave this form behind, its limits be known.
Containest me not, Thy thoughts and Thy deeds
what gifts Thee bestowed, my mind barely can comprehend
Thee limited not the Treasures of Old, O Ancient of Days
and proves unto all, purer than gold is the Love Thee did send.
© 5/23/12
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“. . . all emotions are the sprays that rise from human loves, and hopes, and fears; that perfect bliss cannot be ours till we have conquered these.”
Ch. 54:25 AG


“Of what are souls afraid? Fear is the chariot in which man
rides to death. And when he finds himself within the
chamber of the dead, he learns that he has been deceived;
his chariot was a myth, and death a fancy child.”

These pearls from the Aquarian Gospel
reiterates God’s Holy Word
in which arrangements in play are clearly outlined
and in the simplest way ever heard.

Set up for each lifetime, God chooses the path
on which each soul must take
Refinement imperative, lessons to learn,
the polishing for each souls sake.

Some learn very quickly, others drag on
over lifetimes, times and a half
But all will return to the perfection of Christ
and in the end sit around, talk, and laugh.

We’ll laugh at those times we each should have known
Looking back it will seem so elementary
Yet for now we must strive, work out our salvation . . .
and that not by being even slightly sedentary.

The quicker we learn we exist to perfect
that which pertains to the soul: serve and love
Then the quicker we’ll come to understand, comprehend
there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

* * *
Amazing Almighty God, our highest gratitude
might be for the patience You show
or perhaps for the Mercy and Love You fore gave
in the provision, abundance, the Reap and the Sow.

© 4-21-10

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“A good name is better than precious ointment; and the
day of death than the day of one’s birth.” Ecclesiastes 7:1 KJV


Satan would have you see the macabre
In how he stole me away
But I tell you now it was a peaceful adjourn
Just as our Lord’s words say.

Like a whisper, the passing
Like a cloud in ascent
Nothing at all to fear.

A lifetime deceived
about our final day
Yet, it’s the treasurest day, my dear.

So lock it away in your heart, our time
And open it only on special occasion
I’ll be right beside you to share the joy
And remind you my new life’s quite a sensation!

Like a whisper, the passing
Like a cloud in ascent
Nothing at all to fear.

A lifetime deceived
about our final day
Yet, it’s the treasurest day, my dear.

                       * * *
Thank you, God, for sending these words
Just for the purpose to comfort my soul
YOUR treasurest day is on our return
Of that I am confident to know.


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