(1/17/13: Yes, my name has evolved, too!  In keeping with my studies of the cosmos and discovering its energy links to humanity through numerology, I have added enough letters to bring me into alignment with those connected to the date of my birth. Read Gerun Moore’s book Numbers Will Tell.)  Vivika-Qi (‘chee’)


It would behoove me to hereby clarify my new-found spiritual knowledge and the stand in which I find myself at this writing. While “New Age” and “Return of the Christ” are all highly controversial in the traditional Christian arena, of which I am well known amongst my peers, I have researched both outer and inner capacities to know the truth of each of them. I now understand the ‘Ages’ and their differences and how magnificently they each play their part in God’s Plan for the evolution of humanity. As God exhorts in the Holy Bible, ‘don’t let the triviality of words cause strife’; I add, ‘or keep you from realizing true ONENESS with God.’

‘Study to show yourself approved’; it is a responsible part of our spiritual growth. When done in the sincerity of drawing nearer to Him, the soul becomes an integral part of daily life, guiding and teaching through the growing influence of the Holy Spirit.

“The teachings of the religions have always pointed to life in the hereafter, but those testimonies have lost their relevance. Formerly, miracles had importance, but now the consciousness is attracted to reality. The chain of incarnations is attested to by the ancient as well as by the latest teachings. In modern literature mention of the words incarnation and karma has become common. However, these truths have entered but little into human consciousness; otherwise it would have transformed the whole of life. The human mind prefers to burden itself with strange concerns, happily occupying itself with superfluous things. The human imagination has not been trained for fundamental ideas. However, just one hour of thoughtful talk can change the life of a child forever. AY 553

Vital to our spiritual progression, ‘living ethics’ were placed into book form to be more readily understood and absorbed by the person seeking the higher way of thinking and living. The TEACHING, as it is called commonly throughout esoteric writings, is the Agni Yoga, and here simply is a brief history, from Wikipedia:

“Agni Yoga is a spiritual teaching transmitted by the Helena and Nicholas Roerichs from 1920. The followers of Agni Yoga believe that the teaching was given to the Roerich family and their associates by Master Morya, the guru of Helena Blavatsky, a founder of the Theosophical Society. In the sixteen volumes of the Teaching of Living Ethics that have been translated into English from the original Russian, as well as in the letters of Helena Roerich, the Agni Yoga teaching is also referred to as the Teaching of Living Ethics, the Teaching of Life, the Teaching of Light, or simply as the Teaching.

Being based on the ancient knowledge of the East and the achievements of modern science in the West, Living Ethics concerns peculiarities of cosmic evolution of humanity and creates a new system of its perception. The Teaching pays particular attention to the Cosmic Laws that determine the motion of planets and growth of natural structures, birth of stars, and also human behavior and the development of Universe. The authors of the Teaching state that these Laws influence the historic and social processes in human life and unless the humanity realizes this the life can’t be improved. According to Living Ethics, Universe is the immense spiritual-energy system in which a man plays the most important role. The moral perfection, strict observance of ethical laws and comprehension of key factor of Culture in the development of human society are basic principles of spiritual and historical development of humanity. It’s impossible to build the better future without respecting knowledge and Culture.

A man, according to the Teaching, influences the Cosmic processes greatly. Particular attention is paid to the consciousness of a man and the culture of thinking, as thought is energy, capable of filling space and effecting its surroundings. A man is directly responsible for the quality of his thoughts, words, and deeds, because not only his spiritual and physical health depend on them, but also the condition of the entire planet. Calling people to live in accordance with Cosmic Laws, the Living Ethics opens unlimited possibilities for the spiritual transformation of life, the expansion of consciousness, and the acquirement of high moral standards.”

The ‘Teaching’ is of the Truths of spirituality, as lived and taught from the Ageless Wisdom, and subsequently removed from what the orthodox Christians call the ‘Holy Bible’ today. And yet, here is what I believe about such TRUTH:

“There is no finality in the presentation of truth; it develops and grows to meet man’s growing demand for light.

Only that which you know for yourself and experience consciously within yourself is of importance and constitutes the truth for you.  That which may be told you by others, even by me, serves no vital purpose, except to enhance or corroborate an already known truth, or to create illusions or responsibility until it is either rejected or experienced by you in your own consciousness. Do you understand what I mean?

New truths (and by that I mean truths which are new to the most advanced thinkers, and which are only sensed by the most advanced esotericists) are hovering on the horizon of the human mind. The ground is being prepared for the sowing of this seed, and the stage set for the emergence of new Actors in the great drama of the unfolding revelation of Deity.

Certain great concepts are firmly grasped by man. Certain great hopes are taking form and will become the pattern of man’s living. Certain great speculations will become experimental theories, and later prove demonstrated facts . . . A great stirring and moving is going on. The world of men is seething in response to the inflow of spiritual energy. This energy has been evoked by the unrealised and inaudible cry of humanity itself. Humanity has become – for the first time in its history – spiritually invocative.” (Ponder, A. Bailey)

And so it is thus, where I delightfully find myself. Though not yet completely able to embrace certain portions of these esoteric teachings – such as that of ‘Maitreya as Christ’ – I DO recognize the Truths and Values in the greater portions of it and have purposed within myself to live in the ways portrayed through them. Their constant rewards are manifested along my new walk. It is of greatest assistance and encouragement in living ‘as Christ’ in this tormented Age. I also recognize the great possibility of the truth of Maitreya, as Christ (the ‘Anointed One’) Returned, to usher us through the transition of the Ages. As author Benjamin Creme – in The Art of Living – authoritatively writes: “Since time immemorial, men have known of, and expected, the coming of a great teacher, an outstanding man of wisdom and revealed truth. Cyclically, age after age, have these Great Ones come forth. Today is no exception to this cosmic law.” My only difficulty in embracing that portion of the esoteric teachings is my intense loyalty to Jesus, the Christ. I have not yet recognized His confirmation to me personally of Maitreya, as Christ.**   In my faithfulness to maintain our relationship, I know enlightenment will come regarding it’s validity . . . or lack of. You must make your own decisions on this matter between you and your own soul. (Do not let my decisions influence your own; we each have our own path with its special directions and choices. Study and embrace what you can, keeping your own faith, and let God make the changes within . . . THAT, my dear friend, is ‘evolution.’) 
(**see update 3/12/12 at very bottom of page)

Meanwhile, I cannot but throw myself deliciously and enthusiastically into the values and guidance of these teachings. If all humanity were to do so, we’d be in heaven already, for they are the perfect guidelines to becoming quality human beings, to becoming ‘Christ-like.’

I read about one of my favorite authors, Alice A. Bailey, the other night and how she stated her same predicament in which I find myself before you, all those (not yet of esoteric understanding) who will undoubtedly be disheartened thinking I have ‘defected the faith.’ Though not a ‘well-known’ or ‘teacher,’ yet it speaks of my heart nonetheless:
“I would really render a service if I could show people how I became what I am from what I was. It might be useful to know how a rabid orthodox Christian worker could become a well-known occult teacher.”

And now the journey continues . . . please join me:

* * *

Have you truly awakened spiritually, yet?  Have you come to understand that all your understanding of God and who He is could fit in a box and that the box must be desecrated to release Him fully in your life?  And even at that, knowing it still would be but as a period at the end of a sentence?  Have you come to the point in your spiritual journey that when you open your mouth to speak of a new revelation the words freeze in time, before their birth, because the revelation has already become trivial in the explosion of understanding which had been detonated in its purpose?

Have you felt yourself the only soul with such an experience and wondered where to turn to share such delicious joy, while all the time suspecting deep within that there are other worlds and other forms perhaps vastly ahead of your thinking?  Have you wondered how such a tender spirit, diligently obedient in the Lord’s Will and full of sincere and overflowing love for Him, could bide the swift passing of vile thoughts that seem to come from somewhere unbeknownst, for it is not of the character you are or even ever were in this lifetime?

Have you been touched in your spirit, yet, to stop and study to recognize the miraculous depth of a plant, animal, human organ, autonomic process, universe, or season . . . maybe even just the amazement of the thought process?  And what of the human relationships: are they preordained; are they fate; or just ‘animal instinct’? Hear the ticking of the clock in the still of the night and follow it up, up, up through the ethereal of the universes, and echoing back, back, back . . . how long did it really take?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I had a thought today, which brought me into gales of laughter: It had come to my mind that Christ had said “. . . and greater things than this shall you do.” I had been contemplating on the disconcerting events which had been attempting to topple my spiritual walk. Clearly I recognized that He surely must have meant that it would be because of the society in which we must now perform! No longer the long walks from town to town, allowing time for contemplation and quality conversations, but the freeways which exact our every second of attention and nerves; no longer the distance between homes, allowing the silence which preserves righteousness, but now the age of communication in almost every form and everybody’s personal lives exposed, causing words to sail out beyond the borders of birds and wreaking havoc from one family, one city, one universe to another! Oh yes . . . I believe He knew that’s exactly how it would be, when He made the comment.  Vivika-Qi 12/22/11

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Brothers and Sisters:

More and more, in this soul perfection process on earth, working out our own salvation as we occupy until awareness of Christ’s Return, we are waking to realizations such as those above.  To the souls that hunger to know more of spirituality and God or are just awakening to the curiosity that there just might BE more, I say to read on.  This website will illuminate much for you and encourage you to continue searching through your curiosity and your endeavors to draw closer still to the only True Light and Warmth – our heavenly Father.  To those who scoff at such enlightenment and perhaps the intelligence and innocence associated, I caution you adamantly against it, for those days will come to you that your own soul will begin to blossom forth and the grief of your earlier harsh judgments may be found difficult to overcome, slowing or even dangerously halting your progress. This website administration embraces in love both categories of souls . . . acutely aware that true love is not an emotion but a choice of the soul and a choice of obedience to God.

Love will bring peace on earth – through actions of goodwill – and begins within the individual soul, although peace on earth is not the purpose for our existence. It will be a naturally occurring result of the success of our true purpose: to allow the eternal soul to become pure again, as Christ’s, through our human behavioral choices – thus, “working out our own salvation.”  I implore all who read this to pay very close attention to the Holy Spirit within and be wary of subduing His nudges of Truth, for generations of fundamental teachings – lo, embroiled in the greatest deceit ever – may be difficult for some to overcome.  If a revelatory item within the writings doesn’t explode immediately in relief of confirmation to your soul’s suspicions, simply recognize the nudging and allow Him to have His time in the confirmation of it to you. Each soul has its own confirmation requirements, in its evolutionary process, which only God and His Great Ones know.

To abide in the high places with God takes practice in hearing and heeding His Voice, through quality choice and a well-groomed personal relationship with Him . . . for we are ONE WITH Him, remember. You must learn to trust that He will speak to you directly through your own soul of things not in the Bible, which has been edited beyond belief by man. Always remember, in the soul perfection process there can be no box in which to keep Our Father which art in heaven. He is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. Meditate often upon each, in gratitude, for He has placed – ever present – all His abilities for our behalf toward that goal of soul perfection. Such Divine Generosity is called GRACE.

Know that while you step forward in actions and thoughts that are in alignment with His, you are protected from all dark attacks . . . even through wrong decisions, if your intentions were pure. Be patient, diligent, and self-forgiving; we have generations and eons of errors and wrong thinking to overcome. God knows this and His Mercy endures forever through our practice of correction. Release your soul to be taught once again in the Presence of God and feel the freedom; the freedom you have ached for and which was intended ours from in the beginning. Know that as you step out boldly in the endeavor to live the rest of your life in the practice of right relationships, it has been assured that the entire universe will come to your aid and your needs will be met; and that in right timing. I have already taken the time to prove this promise and can lay my experiences, large and small, alongside it, as you will often recognize them in my writings. (Don’t miss the valuable enlightenments through the POETRY link above.)

My brothers and sisters, may you prosper even as your soul prospers.



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Let’s get started!
So we can move on quickly to desired enlightenment, let me speak up immediately on what I call The Greatest Deceit, perhaps even surpassing that planned of the antichrist. Destroying that deceitful fortress will be the greatest and most profound step toward inner peace, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, mercy, and patience . . . in other words, the perfection process of the soul, that eternal entity within.

For now, know:

REINCARNATION and KARMA have been the most misunderstood and abused words since mankind embraced the spirit of control. Below, I will quote a godly man given the gift of translation between the physical world and the spiritual world.

REINCARNATION: Edgar Cayce describes it as: “‘Reincarnation’ is simply the ‘return’ of our soul, as many times as is needed for its perfection (or final rejection). Jesus performed it often and right before our eyes, then stated ‘these things and even more will you do . . .’”

If there is no reincarnation – or ‘return’ – why would He have performed it time and again and promised it even again in the future? Leaders in early mankind, desirous of control or fearful of losing control of their fellow human beings, strove successfully to eliminate that which would illuminate. When Truth would make its resurrection attempts, lies and distortions were designed against it and records meant for divine guidance were destroyed. Down through time history shows the progression of the FEAR of that which would illuminate, labeling any part of it as occultism and worthy of gruesome death. (Note that ‘occult’ means ‘hidden’ and hidden well it was.) This entire process of bringing the soul into perfect alignment with our Lord God in heaven is not the same as the labeled ‘occults’ which practice witchcraft and Satanism. They have been rightfully labeled because they do have to hide their evil practices and darkness is their only light.

We have been robbed of the greatest Truths that would have accelerated our Lord’s final return, keeping us in suffering and darkness like a giant crushing thumb upon our spirits.

KARMA: Edgar Cayce describes it as: “’Karma’ is simply the same thing religions have reiterated throughout the eons as ‘you reap what you sow’ and ‘suffering the natural consequences.’”

As you’ve undoubtedly read about ‘forgiveness’ in the Bible and now that which Edgar Cayce reported, when the soul is truly repentant and strives sincerely to higher evolution, those consequences can be greatly lessened or completely forgiven. The understanding and soul evolution that comes about is what is required. In the lifetime on earth, in the present body, what progress was made at the time of physical death is retained and the new body – upon return, at God’s bidding – begins in that state of awareness. Some recognize it as early as infancy; some midway in life; and some ‘awaken’ late, just in time for a little more, or perhaps sudden great, progress before the death of that physical body. It is even possible for a soul to progress completely in that one lifetime of awareness and not have to return, but can spend the rest of eternity in the bliss of God’s Presence and in spiritual service.

3/15/2010 Vivika-Qi

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“No man is ever put into circumstances which are insurmountable, once he has reached the point where he has intelligently put himself on the side of evolution, or of God. Prior to that he may, and will, be driven by gales of circumstance; the press of group and racial karma will force him into situations necessary for the process of awakening him to his own innate possibilities. Once he becomes the conscious builder himself, seeking to control the forces and builders of his lower nature, and to construct the Temple of Solomon, then he is no longer subject to the earlier conditions. He becomes a ruler, a builder, and a transmitter, until the time comes when he is one with the solar Angels, and the work of human evolution is accomplished.” Ponder, by A.A. Bailey

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

** UPDATE 3/12/12

For my intense loyalty to Jesus the Christ, and my inability to embrace Maitreya as Christ, through my meditations I was given this vision:

They were both standing before me, Maitreya and my beloved Jesus. (Great loving presence in this vision.) They looked at each other with almost impishness, gave a nod to each other, and ‘dropped their forms’ as smoothly as dropping a gown to the floor. Two stunning orbs of light flew out in different directions into the night cosmos, twirled and danced back toward each other and swirled furiously as I tried to keep track of which one was which. They suddenly stopped, side-by-side, and a voice came to me: ‘Now, which one will you choose as the Christ?’  Of course, who could choose? Then, they were gone, as was my bane.  They are one and the same; they are equal in their devotion to the Plan. (Once again, like a devoted Brother, Master Jesus has – from the beginning of my Christian walk – always chosen a dramatic and beautiful way to teach me.)

Vivika-Qi  3/12/12

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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